Welcome to Toltec Legacy

This is my first communiqué to you, and so it is fitting that I should first share with you a brief behind-the-scenes history of this website. I feel this is appropriate, for although you all already know the outer history of Toltec Legacy as described in the Public Home Pages, you will also benefit from knowing what went on behind the scenes in the making of this website, for it has relevance to where you find yourselves at right now. You will begin to grasp the implications of this as I share.

Toltec Legacy is a dream of mine that I first conceived of some twelve years ago. This dream has two main components. The first is to spread the teachings as widely as I can, according to an injunction given to me when I was instructed to write the books. The second is to make the teachings as attractive as possible. In other words, stalking as large a percentage of humanity as I can into wanting to embrace its heritage. LOL!

It immediately became clear to me that in order to spread the teachings as widely as possible, the only REAL means through which to do this is through the internet. This then also enabled me to see that the best means through which to stalk humanity into embracing its heritage is to devise a computer game supported by the teachings.

However, although this much was clear, I could also see that for Toltec Legacy to truly meet the needs of humanity it is imperative that representatives of humanity call forth the guidance that most meets the present needs of humanity today. This then was one of the most important reasons why I started to run the retreats.

The retreats, as you know, were open to anyone wishing to attend, and all the guidance that was given in the eight years that I ran the retreats, as well as the ongoing guidance I gave on a daily basis during that time to the group working under my guidance, is today recorded in this website. This is the guidance that most meets the present needs of humanity today.

This then is the dream, of which you are now all a part. :) But the biggest challenge that faced me right from the beginning was the technology development necessary in order to materialise this dream. After having consulted several computer technologists it became clear to me that what is required in order to drive Toltec Legacy the way in which I envisage it, is technology that does not yet exist. This immediately brought up another two major challenges, firstly, where to find a technologist who is sufficiently qualified to develop cutting edge technology; and secondly, how to raise the no small amount of money that a venture of this nature requires.

The next ten years brought one disappointment and set-back after another. Every time I believed I had found a possible way forward, something would happen that would once again lead everything into a dead-end street! In fact, there came a point at which the way forward seemed so utterly impossible, that I started to feel that maybe this dream is nothing more than a pipe dream!

But then two years ago (2007) power suddenly provided the way forward. One thing rapidly led to another, and finally I was faced with the very REAL opportunity of materialising Toltec Legacy, even though towards the end of 2007 severe personal illness very nearly ended that opportunity too.

The past two years I have had the wonderful privilege of being supported by two of the most talented people I have ever known, Adrian and Elizabeth, both of whom have stood by me steadfastly in even the most trying times, always saying to me, "Théun, let us not look at what we can afford, and let us not look at what we know how to do, but instead give us your vision, and we will look at HOW we can help you to make it happen!" Toltec Legacy is the result of the staunch and unwavering support of these two friends.

Adrian is undoubtedly the most talented computer technologist I have ever known, coming up with ingenious development and solving many of what has hitherto been regarded as being the Holy Grails of computer technology. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is a most gifted accountant that has toiled ceaselessly and selflessly to ensure that the money that is required for the development has always been available. With these two people also came all the many other willing and gifted people that have helped me to make Toltec Legacy a reality, not least of all the two healers who nursed me back to life.

But by far the most important reason for materialising Toltec Legacy, apart from the two reasons I stated above, is to help humanity to make a difference in the world by showing men and women the world over how to create the world they wish to live in. This entails all of you being faced with a very real challenge the moment you embark upon your first step as an apprentice to the Warriors Path. :) But then this could not be any other way, for it was made clear from the outset that the destiny of Toltec Legacy is that it will be challenged even from the moment of its conception.

As power would have it, the first challenge now that Toltec Legacy has been launched, naturally also includes all of you as subscribers to the website. This is the difficulties you are having to face in paying for your subscriptions the moment you decided to become a subscriber to the website. Just about all of you have encountered no small amount of difficulty, not even to mention expense, in wanting to pay your subscriptions. But this is so very typical of a REAL apprenticeship to the Warriors Path. The moment we make a decision we have to be challenged on that decision.

With respect to the challenge you are facing, and indeed we at Toltec Legacy too, I would like to say to you all, Welcome to the world of the Old Sorcerers, also known as Big Brother! If you are not yet fully aware of how the Old Sorcerers are making their final bid for world domination through absolute control, then you are about to learn fast! LOL! One of the most ancient means by which to gain absolute control, and which is once again today being used, is to control the free and natural flow of money and energy. To this end the banks are the major instruments of the Old Sorcerers, for no matter what we do, the system has been set up in such a manner that we are all forced into using banks in one way or another.

So the very first challenge you are being faced with, for only by being challenged can you claim power, is how to handle the obvious lack of disclosure within the dubious practices of the banks, together with how to circumvent the high prices being demanded of you in wanting to pay your subscriptions to Toltec Legacy. In this we at Toltec Legacy would like to support you, but in order to do so we need your feedback. To this end I ask that you please communicate all you find to Elizabeth, and I also ask that you become as proactive as you possibly can be in finding ways in which to pay the subscriptions that are more transparent and cheaper than what we have currently. Together we can and will make a difference in the world, but the onus lies on us to be proactive and creative.

I know that by now you are probably wondering why the Living Room is not available to any of you for the next three months, for it makes sense that it would be of great benefit to all of you if right now you had an e-forum on which to communicate your findings with one another, but there is a very good reason for this. From past experience I know how much havoc and confusion a new subscriber to the website can cause on an e-forum because of a lack of true knowledge and responsibility. I did not want this for you on Toltec Legacy.

As a result I decided to give all subscribers three months in which to gain at least a good working knowledge of the teaching facility before allowing you entry into the Living Room. This also enabled me to take some of the pressure off of Adrian for the launch of the teaching facility, for the technological development has been, and remains, truly hectic, and therefore having another three months in which to write the Living Room is a great help to Adrian.

Once again, I bid you all a most hearty welcome to the Warriors Path! :) May your journey with us be everything you are hoping it to be.

Théun Mares

February 2009